EP 96. Permission To Offend Book Launch Day Reflections


Welcome back to another episode of Permission To Offend! We officially celebrated Publishing Day on February 7th, 2023, which means Permission to Offend is NOW available where all books are sold! 

In this episode, I’m reflecting on my journey from book deal to launch day, and sharing some of the lessons and wisdom I’ve gained after giving myself permission to write! 

3 Reasons You Should Listen To This Episode:

5:45: Why It’s Important To Activate Your Faith

11:00: How To Stop Delaying Your Blessing

18:40: How To Buy Back Your Time

Permission To Offend Book Launch Day Reflections

  • “When you get a six figure book deal, you do not get six figures in your bank account in one shot.” – Rachel Luna
  • “You can exceed your own expectations, even when you’re not sure how it’s going to happen.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “Money is not the only reason we do things, but it is a reason that we do things.” – Rachel Luna  
  • “When you know better, you do better.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “Audit your business. Audit it and edit it.” – Rachel Luna  
  • “Even when we let other people take over our calendar, we can still take back our time.” – Rachel Luna
  • “If I don’t celebrate my work, I can’t trust that everyone else will.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “One day does not define the life of your work. One launch does not define the success of your work.”  – Rachel Luna
  • “Have the faith and belief to back up your work for the lifetime.” – Rachel Luna

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