If you read the introduction of my book, Permission to Offend, then you already know one of the most shame-inducing, humiliating experiences of my life. (If you haven’t, you can read it HERE). 

But on the off chance that you haven’t read my book yet (feel free to order it HERE because it’s more about YOU than it is about me), let me tell you a little about me and how I can help you.


I never grew up feeling good enough.


There are days when I still don’t feel “good enough.”

I was born unusually blessed, but I never really saw it that way.

Both my parents died of AIDS, I struggled for years with disordered eating and then became an alcoholic in my college years. I was committed to self-sabotage and as soon as things got “too good,” I would find a way to create some kind of a storm to mess it all up.

Mind you – I never thought it was ME creating the storms. I always blamed the tragedies, heartbreaks and setbacks in my life on circumstances, locations, and other perceived limitations.

Somehow, I could never bring myself to fully give up or quit.

Because whenever I wanted to call it quits God always reminded me that there was a calling on my life. 

So I kept going. I kept betting on myself.

And that’s been my secret sauce. I never stopped believing that I was a worthy investment even when I inconsistent, even when I failed, even when I lost money – I never stopped believing that one day my investments in myself would pay off.

Before you accuse me of “having so much discipline,” let’s be clear - I’m determined, not disciplined.

 I struggle with ADHD on the regular and consider myself to be an organized mess. I know where everything is, so don’t mess with my piles. You won’t find more than a few hours pass without me praying, praising or engaging in a conversation with God. I’m a vegan, green juice loving, small-talk hating, journal obsessed life-changer. Warning: hanging out with me for too long will cause massive change and transformation in your life, for the better! 

You’ve read about my journey healing through cancer. I’ve shared some of the ups and downs of my marriage (shout out to my hubby for letting me put our business on front street). So what else should you know “about the author?”


When you work with me, I help you get to the root cause of your captivity. Most people don’t even realize they’re in bondage or that they’re carrying generations of limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and dream suppression at the cellular level - we don’t have time to get into epigenetics right now, but understand that we hold the trauma of past generations in our DNA. These are generational curses that must be broken. Today!

As a certified master coach for more than a decade, I am THE expert and authority in helping you get faster, deeper, more impactful breakthroughs that ultimately lead you to experience a life of joy, fulfillment and freedom on your terms.

As my mastermind client Candice Davis said, “You can do all the “right” things. You can take all the classes, all the workshops, do all the webinars and go to the conferences, but you will not get to your fullest potential and unlock your hearts desire until you unearth and deal with whatever has been holding you captive. I’ve been in masterminds since I started in business. I’ve done so many of “those things.” Those things aren’t it. 

I don’t think I could have gone into 2023 with the optimism and expectation that I have right now of what my business is going to do if I had not gone through that  process in Freedom Activated Mastermind with you and then followed up to do the work and have the hard conversations with the people who matter most in my life. 

So if you’ve been struggling to achieve a goal or reach a certain level, it’s not that you need another business course. It’s that you need FREEDOM.”

Let me support you as you break the chains and turn the key to unlock your freedom. I invite you to choose your Journey to Freedom with me.

The Flashy accolades

...if you're into that sort of thing, here's the pro bio:

Rachel Luna is a Certified Master Neuroscience & Life Coach, international speaker, and host of the top rated podcast, Permission to Offend where she talks faith, worth and wealth. Forbes rated her one of the Top 11 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram (@GirlConfident) and her work, which goes beyond cliches, rah-rah speeches and platitudes and dives deep into the root of the issue, has been featured in Success, Latina, Huffington Post and on Lifetime TV. 

Born and raised in New York City, Rachel, who calls herself, “A magnet for miracles,” comes from a life of resilience. Despite losing both her parents to AIDS, struggling with eating disorders in her teens and battling alcoholism and depression in her early 20’s, Rachel has never allowed herself to be limited by life circumstances. Instead, she persevered and when she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in the summer of 2019, Rachel tackled it the same way she does everything – with grit, tenacity, faith & confidence.

These experiences, along with her decade of service in the United States Marine Corps and tour of duty in Iraq during Operation Iraqi/Enduring Freedom have given her the strength and ability to not only handle adversity, but to thrive in it.

As a woman of color, who was repeatedly told to keep her mouth shut, not make waves and fall in line, Rachel has succeeded in remaining true to herself; speaking up, standing out and leading the charge to help others do the same. Her courses have helped over 3,000 women (and a few fellas) gain clarity, confidence and massive business growth, many of whom have crossed into six and seven figures with ease. Rachel has helped thousands of people around the world (over 90 countries to be exact) through her weekly podcast episodes, email newsletters, speaking tours, and workshops. 

Standing only 4 feet 11 inches tall, Rachel is a tiny but mighty firecracker who lights up the room and galvanizes audiences all around the world. A captivating speaker, who brings massive fire and energy to any room she enters, Rachel has been invited to share her powerful talks across the globe including North America, Europe and Asia. 

Rachel Luna is the coach, mentor, and teacher “every woman” needs, yesterday!