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I'm Rachel Luna

I was born unusually blessed, but lived my life as a prisoner.

I was held captive to intrusive thoughts and imprisoned by fear, doubt, and comparison. The limiting beliefs and generational patterns of poverty kept me in emotional and spiritual bondage.

The whole time I thought I was FREE – heck, I even served in the United States Marine Corps for a decade to protect that freedom – but I wasn’t FREE at all. 

If you’re here on this page, chances are – you’re not free either.  

Listen, no judgment here, friend. Most people are born in captivity but think they’re free because they don’t know anything else. This is especially true if you’re the “strong” one in your family/friend circle. 

And believe me! I overstand. The truth is, what you see now doesn’t look like all I’ve been through. If anything, it’s a miracle I didn’t become a statistic. Because with the trauma I experienced early on, I totally should have been.

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*Chisme is the spanish word for gossip. In my community, we don’t gossip about other people but since I’m talking about myself, we’ll let this one slide 😉

As Seen In...


You are already clear.
You are already confident.
You actually do know what you want and the life you want to experience.

The problem is that somewhere along the line you were criticized for doing things your way. The bold confidence that God gave you even before you were born has been hampered by judgment, rejection and sometimes even disparaging comments from the people you thought were supposed to have your back. Censorship has kept you playing small and dreaming smaller.

Fear of cancel culture keeps you quiet
even when you KNOW you were called to speak out.

Giving yourself Permission to Offend

has nothing to do with what you’ve done and everything to do with who you are becoming…

The fully self-expressed human being God created you to be.

To become that person, you must first learn to live in truth, faith, freedom and abundance.

Read the book, master the principles, BECOME who you always knew you were.

Success leaves cues

Meet the #LoyalLUNAtics and hear their experiences from being members of The Faith Activated Journaling Experience, joining our Freedom Activated Mastermind or from listening to the podcast, taking our masterclasses + courses or having attended our live events.

We call ourselves the #LoyalLUNAtics because we are crazy enough to believe and know that our dreams actually can (and will!) come true!


You might need a coach, a course, or a mastermind. Or you might need a book, an event, or a podcast.


And that’s what you’ll find here.  

Whether it’s one of my carefully curated, FREE resources (like videos and podcasts) or experiences that invite you to rise up and invest in your most important resource (yourself!), you’ll find life-transforming support to help you LIVE MORE FREELY.


With listeners in over 90 countries worldwide, it’s safe to say that Permission to Offend is a movement that the world has been craving.

Binge listen to the more than 100 episodes and tune in for brand new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. 

Every Tuesday you’ll eavesdrop in on a conversation between Rachel and an amazing guest expert who will help you activate more truth, faith, worth and wealth.

On Thursdays, join Rachel for a 1:1 conversation – just you and her. During these episodes Rachel will bring you behind the scenes, offer coaching exercises, share personal stories or often simply give you a verbal kick in the tail to show up for yourself and above all remind you to give yourself Permission to Offend.


I am passionate about helping you make more money on your terms. Period. I celebrate you for wanting more. I honor your timing and pace for when and how you’ll add  more of what you want into your life. And I’m here to show you how to stay grounded, rooted and confident while taking according to your work cycles.


We’ve been conditioned to pursue purpose, passion and profits in a linear fashion but life and business are cyclical.

The world turns. The seasons change and you know just how cyclical the seasons are if you’ve ever experienced “fool’s spring” or “second summer” in NYC. (These are days in the city that are unusually beautiful during the winter or fall, respectively).

The point is, when you enroll in one of our programs, we encourage you to work within your cycle and tempo; to do things YOUR way with our guidance, support, and expertise – so that you can make more money and leave a better financial legacy for the people and causes you care about most.

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