Ep. 104 Boundaries with “Out of Towners”

I received a DM on Instagram (follow me @GirlConfident if you aren’t already) from a young lady who found herself in quite the dilemma.
For the record my DM’s are not open for free coaching. But since I was already thinking about having a segment on the podcast where people can submit questions for me to answer on the show, I wrote her back and told her I’d be willing to offer my feedback as long as she was ok with me doing so on the podcast so that our entire community got the benefit.
Thanks to our friend, Gwen (name changed for privacy), this week’s bonus episode is on BOUNDARIES.
I’ve spoken about boundaries on the show before, but this is a real life situation that I know is relatable in so many ways.
In this Episode You’ll Hear:
  • ​You’ll hear Gwen’s sticky situation around out of town visitors
  • Why being fair, selfish or selfless don’t really matter
  • My own experience with reciprocity
  • A tell-tell that Gwen gave that let me know exactly what she wanted me to say

and more!

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

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