Ep. 111 Success doesn’t equal Self-Worth: A Candid Conversation with Jamie Kern Lima, Author of WORTHY

Ep. 111 Success doesn’t equal Self-Worth: A Candid Conversation with Jamie Kern Lima, Author of WORTHY

If you’re feeling the sting of rejection or the weight of self-doubt holding you back from achieving your dreams, then you are not alone! Imagine being on the verge of realizing your lifelong dream, yet feeling unworthy of it. Picture the agony of harboring self-doubt despite outward success. Now, envision the power of overcoming rejection with resilience and embracing self-worth. It’s time to transform those feelings of unworthiness into unwavering self-belief and empowerment.

My special guest is Jamie Kern Lima

Bestselling author and empowerment advocate, Jamie Kern Lima, brings a refreshing and relatable approach to overcoming feelings of unworthiness. Her highly anticipated book, “Worthy,” delves deep into the impact of self-doubt and offers a treasure trove of practical tools and insights to rebuild unshakable self-worth. With a keen understanding of the struggles individuals face in embracing their true worth, Jamie’s journey from self-doubt to unwavering confidence serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Her candid and authentic perspective makes her a trusted ally for anyone seeking to break free from the chains of unworthiness and step into their power. Jamie’s unwavering commitment to empowering others shines through in her work, making her a catalyst for positive change and self-empowerment.


If you are not willing to make the effort, then no one else is going to make the effort for you. – Rachel Luna


Key moments in this episode are:

00:00:01 – Introduction to Worthy

00:02:13 – Self-Confidence vs. Self-Worth

00:06:27 – Overcoming Self-Doubt

00:08:37 – The Impact of Self-Doubt

00:13:29 – Self-Worth and External Validation

00:14:51 – Understanding Self-Worth

00:16:39 – Impact of Low Self-Worth

00:18:31 – Fearlessness with Rock Solid Self-Worth

00:22:34 – Reframing Rejection and Failure

00:27:13 – Empowering Women with Worthy


Details + Links Mentioned:

  • Visit worthybook.com to get your copy of Worthy: How to Believe You Are Enough and Transform Your Life by Jamie Kern Lima.
  • Take advantage of the special library card included in the book Worthy and pass it on to another woman after reading it. Write your name in the library card and then pass it on to someone else.
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