EP 59: [FAITH] Faith During Adversity


Have you ever wondered what it takes to launch a major event?
If you ever wanted to launch an event but stopped out of fear, you need to listen to this episode. You’ve probably looked at other businesses and thought you’re a failure because everything works out perfectly for them, while things are harder for you, you’re not alone. 
I hear you! The grass looks greener on the other side, but I want to share with you the realities of running a business and launching a program. Lately, I feel like everything I’ve been doing is going wrong – and trust me when you hear my story you’ll know why! 
In this episode, I get candid and explain the challenges I faced when it came to organizing and launching Confidence Activated and how I overcame them. If you are curious to know what goes on behind the scenes, or if you are constantly comparing yourself to others just know that every single entrepreneur faces difficulties. Let’s dive in! 

 3 Reasons You Should Listen to Today’s Episode:
  • You’ll learn how launching an event takes time, effort, and more energy than you think but it’s all worth it in the end. If  you are known to deliver value, people will attend your event
  • I share my experience creating and launching Confidence Activated, the uphill battles I faced, and how I overcame them
  • If you’ve been wanting to launch your own program, but don’t know where to start,  this episode is for you! Learn from my mistakes and my experience so you’re prepared for what to expect

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