EP 78. Housewife to Billionaire Business Woman featuring Lisa Bilyeu


In this episode, Rachel has an intimate conversation with Lisa Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition and author of Radical Confidence. Lisa shares how, alongside her husband and their biz partners, the company grew at 57,000%, which literally took her from shipping multiple boxes in a garage to managing 40 employees and $80 million worth of product all  within two years!

But don’t be deceived by how amazing that sounds because as you’ll learn from listening to the episode, things weren’t as amazing as they sounded.

Eavesdrop on this intimate conversation about the ups and downs of life, marriage, business and what it takes to have the confidence to build a billion dollar business, sell it and pave your own path follow your own dreams.

3 Reasons You Should Listen to this Episode:

  • The Purgatory of the Mundane
  • Lisa’s “Velvet Handcuffs” theory
  • How Identities have been fractured + shifted
  • Why Lisa was so fearful of failing and changing from housewife to entepreneur
  • How her company grew 57,000% in under 2 yrs (yes, 57,000!!!%)
  • and so much more!!!


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