EP 79. Expectation without Attachment – How to Get The YES!”


In this episode, you’re invited to join Rachel for an intimate “Coffee Talk” conversation where she shares the ins and outs of asking for what you want and having BIG expectations. This is definitely the episode you want to listen to if you’ve been holding back from taking action, scared to make an ask or worried about getting rejected.

Reasons to Listen to This Episode:

  • Hear Rachel’s philosophy for rejection and how to navigate the experience.
  • Discover the ONE question Rachel asked her to get over her fears to make a new set of asks.
  • Learn Rachel’s process for getting “The YES!” and releasing emotional attachment to the outcome of the ask.
  • Learn how to mount up BOLD courage and prepare yourself to ASK.

Friend, as I listened to the replay of this episode, I can candidly confess that it inspired ME to take action on something I’ve been stalling on all week. Partially because I’ve been recording my audiobook all week and partially because I’ve been postponing rejection. But as I shared in this episode, rejection is part of the mission!

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