EP 87. | SOLO: Next Level Clarity in 2023!


Happy New Year and welcome back to another episode of Permission To Offend! It is 2023 and Rachel has already declared that all good and great things are happening in 2023! This week on Permission To Offend, Rachel walks you through how to gain next level clarity through the power of journaling and her signature program, Faith Activated! Tune in now! 

3 Reasons You Should Listen To This Episode:

2:23: How To Stay Ready So You Don’t Have To Get Ready

11:35: How To Apply The C.L.E.A.R. Framework

22:10: How To Affirm Your Authority

Next Level Clarity in 2023!

  • “I’ve been running away from my greatness for decades.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “Don’t get ready. Stay ready, be ready.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “We have to be ready to receive every single dream that we’ve ever said we wanted.” – Rachel Luna
  • “Faith Activated is truly a group coaching experience.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “Live with intention.” – Rachel Luna
  • “When you are intentional with your time, energy and attention, you get more fulfillment.” – Rachel Luna  
  • “Embody the identity of the person that you desire to be this year.” – Rachel Luna  
  • “Affirm your authority.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “You are not meant to be the expert to everyone, but you are meant to be the expert to someone.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “Affirmations only work if you believe them.” – Rachel Luna  

This episode is brought to you by The Faith Activated Experience. Faith Activated is a year-long Group Coaching Community for strong, ambitious, high vibe entrepreneurs who want to activate their faith, reclaim their worth, and build their wealth. Using my signature C.L.E.A.R. Coaching Framework along with the 3-Step Faith Activated Journal Method, you will have support, guidance and STRUCTURE to help you manifest more freedom, gain more clarity, and earn more money. To Register and learn more, visit: https://www.myfaithactivated.com/

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