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Welcome back to another episode of Permission To Offend! Are you letting the one thing that you don’t have stop you from getting the next thing that you can have? 

The time it takes for us to become successful is dependent on our ability to hold on to our dreams and not give up. This week on Permission To Offend, I share the story of how a dream that I nurtured for a decade finally came true in the form of a new website!

3 Reasons You Should Listen to This Episode:

1:00: The Power Of Belief 

12:00 How To Give It All To God In Prayer

20:00: How To Prepare Yourself Offensively

RachelLuna.com is LIVE!

  • “Give yourself permission to even let it be ugly or let it be messy.” – Rachel Luna
  • “Delayed obedience is still disobedience.” – Rachel Luna  
  • “Take inventory of what we have unknowingly picked up in our encounters.” – Rachel Luna  
  • “Clean your house, your mental house, your spiritual house, and your mental house.” – Rachel Luna  
  • “I planted a seed a decade ago, and I watered it from time to time.” – Rachel Luna  
  • “The journey is not overnight.” – Rachel Luna  
  • “Give yourself permission to let it take whatever time it’s going to take.” – Rachel Luna

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