EP 11: Permission to Protect Your Peace


Where can you give yourself permission to protect your peace? 

Have you ever noticed when something that usually brings you energy and joy… starts to lose it spark for you? Or maybe even a step further, it starts draining you and you start experiencing dread or resentment? Yeah, I experienced that recently, too. 

 In this episode of the Permission to Offend podcast, I share how I knew I needed to protect my energy and peace in a new way and why I chose to be off social media for a period of time, even though that is usually a place I find joy and connection. I hope that sharing my experience challenges you to assess where you’ve been showing up or going through the motions because you feel an expectation from others and instead give yourself permission to protect your peace, even if it disappoints others (or messes with the algorithm). 

3 Reasons You Should Listen to Today’s Episode 

 – If you’ve ever had an idea and weren’t sure when to take action and when to hold off. 

 – If you’ve considered taking a break from social media and yet feel pulled in all directions. 

 – Wondering how social media affects our brains & behaviors. 

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