EP 85. | Mini: High OCQ: Delightfully Unhinged


How tolerant are you of the ideas, opinions and judgments of other people? As a collective, we’re a little too quick to censor people for having an opinion without first even trying to understand where that opinion was born. We have to be willing to have very difficult and uncomfortable conversations, and the first step in that is raising your offense capacity.

This week on Permission To Offend, Rachel breaks down the various OCQ levels, and teaches us how to combat having low offense capacity and give ourselves permission to become high level offenders.

This episode is brought to you by The Offense Capacity Quotient Quiz. Do you know your Offense Capacity Quotient (OCQ)? Giving yourself Permission to Offend isn’t about being divisive or insensitive. It’s about walking in your truth. In order to do that with excellence, you first have to see where your own Offense Capacity measures up. The Offense Capacity Quotient Quiz is a FREE assessment that will help you step into greater confidence so you can live unfiltered and unafraid. To take the quiz, visit: permissiontooffend.com/quiz

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