EP 35: Rejected but Unstoppable Ft. Jamie Kern Lima


Does your capacity of belief surpass your capacity for rejection?

Hold on to your seat and headphones, friends! My guest today on the Permission to Offend podcast is my personal Oprah, Jamie Kern Lima! Jamie is a self-made entrepreneur, champion of women, philanthropist, keynote speaker co-founder of IT Cosmetics and author of her brand new book, Believe It. Before you go any further, order your copy right now! It is that incredibly honest, vulnerable, and inspiring!

In this episode, Jamie shares the importance of giving yourself permission to believe in yourself & your product (whatever *It* is). Jamie shares stories from the messy middle of her journey from Denny’s waitress to selling her billion dollar company. Our conversation is sure to boost your belief in yourself. Press play!

3 Reasons You Should Listen to Today’s Episode
  • I mean, it’s Jamie Kern Lima! Reason enough! On top of that, if you’ve ever thought “Jamie is so amazing and successful, I just don’t know how I can relate to her from where I’m at now” – buckle up! Jamie takes us on the bumpy ride of rejection she took for years.
  • You’ll learn why Jamie says in the early years, every decision she and her husband made was on cash flow, not on flash flow.
  • If you’ve let the noise around you drown out your inner knowing, listen in. This conversation with Jamie will help you turn down the volume of rejection and turn up your belief and resilience!

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