EP 62: [WORTH] Permission to Burn It Down


It’s not 1983, but I believe we should all be Burning Down the House! Life is full of ups and downs and you have to be ready to Hold Tight and deal with the Nasty Weather. Okay, I’ll stop referencing the lyrics now, but you get the message right?
In this episode, I’m sharing why I have this fire inside me and this desire to burn down the house after launching my business nearly 10 years ago. If you have ever felt like tearing everything down and starting from scratch, this episode is for you, because I am in the same boat and I get it.  I share what mistakes I have made and what I’ve learned from them and why growing my social media has sometimes felt demoralizing. 
3 Reasons You Should Listen to Today’s Episode
  • Lessons I learned and mistakes I made over the last 10 years of running a business
  • Hear my experience growing my own social media following by myself and how it’s made me feel

  • Why I have decided to restart everything from scratch

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