EP 70: [WORTH] Is THIS Costing You Time, Money and Impact?


Welcome back to another episode of Permission to Offend. Today, I am talking about an expression and way of behaving that I grew up with, and I am sure many of you grew up with as well.
Coming from a Latinx background, it was very common for my mom to preface every outing with “don’t speak unless spoken to, and remember that children are to be seen not heard.” The first time I broke this rule, I remember the look my mom gave me and the feeling of being terrified and it wasn’t until later on I realized what kind of narrative I was growing up with.
Fast forward many years later and it’s taken a lot for me to let go of that belief that speaking up means I was raised poorly. The thing is, when it comes to navigating life, speaking up is pretty important, but how do you go about doing that when you grew up being taught to believe that it was bad? In this episode, I talk about the issue with this phrase, how to heal from that trauma, and why we need to move past cancel culture.
3 Reasons You Should Listen to Today’s Episode
-Approach the healing phase with an open heart not an open mind
-Why your childhood shapes you as you grow up 
-How to move past limiting beliefs 

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