Welcome back to another episode of Permission to Offend. Today’s episode is all about how to Lead With Love, which is something many of us struggle to do when it comes to our personal and professional lives! While it’s important to be yourself and express yourself even if no one resonates with you, I also believe that it’s just as important to find a messenger and a resonate teacher who speaks to your soul and aligns with your vision.

 This week’s guest believes that there are no unique messages, only unique messengers, and I can’t wait to introduce to you Author, Business Mentor, TEDx Speaker, Poet, and Host of the Lead with Love® podcast, Jadah Sellner.

3 Reasons You Should Listen to this Episode:

1:10: Why It’s Important To Embody The Proof Of Possibilities

15:40: How To Gather Your Support Squad

31:14: Why You Should NOT Tie Your Networth To Your Self Worth

Leading With Love Lessons:

  • “There are no unique messages, only unique messengers.” – Jadah Sellner
  • “Embody the proof of possibility.” – Jadah Sellner
  • “Lead from the inside out.” – Jadah Sellner
  • “Allow love to be in the driver’s seat.”- Jadah Sellner
  • “As entrepreneurs, we need to be fluid and surrender to what life has in store for us.” – Jadah Sellner  
  • “Gather your support squad.” – Jadah Sellner
  • “We have to get comfortable with micro rejections.” – Jadah Sellner 
  • “It’s really important to not hook our networth to our self-worth.” – Jadah Sellner
  • “My approach is love over metrics.” – Jadah Sellner 
  • “Define your enough number.” – Jadah Sellner


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Instagram: @jadahsellner |https://www.instagram.com/jadahsellner/

She Builds Book: https://jadahsellner.com/she-builds-book/

Website: https://jadahsellner.com/ 

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