EP 91. SOLO: Goodbye Fear, Hello Belief!


Welcome back to another episode of Permission To Offend! Do you know how powerful belief is? In the past I never took it seriously, but when I look at it now, I realize that belief is the thing that helps us move mountains.

My word of the year for 2023 is “Believe” and this week on Permission To Offend, we’re removing the spirit of fear from our vocabulary, so that we can walk through the year with bold courage, confidence, and belief in ourselves and what’s possible.

3 Reasons You Should Listen to This Episode:

5:00: The Power Of Belief 

15:35 How To Eject The Spirit Of Fear

35:17: How To Prepare Yourself Offensively

Journaling to Overcome Triggers, Trolls + Negative Comments

  • “My word of the year for 2023 is Believe.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “God told me that it was my birthright to live free.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “Your spirit is in unrest, because the body is not doing what the spirit was assigned to do.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “You can agree with the diagnosis, but not with the prognosis.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “The things that you were once relying on in the past are not going to cut it to take you where God has prepared for you.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “Faith and belief will move mountains.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “I have chosen to believe that what God says about me is right and true.” – Rachel Luna  
  • “Sometimes I think we’re in such a rush to get everything out, that we end up getting nothing out.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “When God tells you to go do something, go do it.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “If you are starting to see the manifestation of your desires, lean in.” – Rachel Luna  

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