EP 32: The Power of Declarations


Would you like to manifest more, more consistently?

My guess is you’re saying “Um, yeah Rachel! Sign me up!” There is so much power in our words and the things we speak & repeat. 

In this episode, I take you through something I do with the members inside my Faith Activated Journaling Experience — creating a Manifestation Tracker which combines declarations, affirmations and accomplishments. I hope that ultimately this conversation urges you to give yourself permission to declare what you want to see in your life! You have power in your words. Your declarations are your destiny! Let’s dive in! 

3 Reasons You Should Listen to Today’s Episode
  • I share how affirmations, declarations and journaling, in the way I teach it, creates repetition so you can create a new neuropathway – a new belief system for yourself.
  • If you’ve ever struggled with goal achievement, you need to shift your perspective from sprint to marathon. Keeping a Manifestation Tracker like we do inside the Faith Activated Journaling Experience will help.
  • You’ll hear me break down how to create your own manifestation tracker and rewire your brain’s neuropathways by writing powerful declarations.

This episode is brought to you by the Faith Activated Journaling Experience. The Faith Activated Journaling Experience is a year-long experience for the strong, ambitious woman who wants to activate her faith, reclaim her worth and build her wealth through journaling in just 5 minutes per day.

If you want to manifest more freedom, gain more clarity, and earn more money, the Faith Activated Journaling Experience is right for you.  

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