EP 86. | SOLO: Journaling To Define Boundaries


In her new book, Permission To Offend, Rachel talks about a concept called “Boundary Bullies”. Boundary Bullies are the people that have no disregard for you or your time, but what’s unfortunate is that every now and then, we become our own boundary bullies. 

This week on Permission To Offend, Rachel walks you through how to journal so that you can redefine boundaries in your life because at the end of the day, it’s not about boundaries with other people that we need to focus on, we need to focus on boundaries within ourselves.

3 Reasons You Should Listen To This Episode:

1:20: How To Address Boundary Bullies

8:00: Journaling Prompts To Establish Boundaries

18:30: How To Enroll Others In Your Boundaries

Journaling To Define Boundaries 

  • “Boundary bullies are those people that just have no disregard for you or your time.” – Rachel Luna
  • “We need to focus on boundaries within ourselves.” – Rachel Luna
  • “We can all be better at keeping our word to ourselves and having more self integrity.”  – Rachel Luna 
  • “The life that you desire is not going to manifest with you quitting.” – Rachel Luna
  • “People that are born in captivity don’t realize that freedom exists.” – Rachel Luna  
  • “Lean into your truth.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “Pure, truthful desires produce way more fruit than forcing myself to do something I don’t want to do.” – Rachel Luna 
  • “There is a way for you to create flow to your freedom.” – Rachel Luna   
  • “I’m ready to receive the blessings that I have been praying for.” – Rachel Luna 

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