EP 9: Mel Robbins 52nd Bday Breakdown


What’s your “once I ____… then___” thought? 

Are you putting all your chips in the basket of “when I [insert big goal/milestone]… then I will [desired feeling/outcome]. What happens when you lose it all

In this episode, I share my thoughts on a message Mel Robbins shared on her 52nd birthday about challenges she’s facing. Yes, Mel Robbins. The Mel Robbins who exploded in her 40s with incredible accomplishments: author, TED Talk, tv show, keynote speaker… lost so much this year, like so many of us. 

In this episode I want us to dive into what makes accomplishing a goal feel good and not feel good. 

3 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Listen to Today’s Episode:
  • Where do I find myself constantly striving for the “once I… then…” goals?
  • How can I find joy in the mundane on the journey?
  • Where can I celebrate and honor myself in the messy middle?This episode is brought to you by the Faith Activated Journaling Experience. The Faith Activated Journaling Experience is a year-long experience for the

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