EP 90. [Faith Activated] Envision What’s Possible ft. Iviana Bynum


Welcome back to another episode of Permission to Offend. Grace is so beautiful, because even if we mess up or even if we fall off with our journaling, it doesn’t matter because there’s always an opportunity to pick it back up again.

In this episode, we’re joined by writer, teacher/speaker, certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner (AFT) and the host of the Grace for Breakfast Podcast, Iviana Bynum.

Iviana specializes in helping leaders envision what’s possible so that they can streamline their processes through sustainable systems and navigate their personal lives and identities while pursuing their careers.

3 Reasons You Should Listen to This Episode:

9:00:How Faith Activated Can Change Your Life

17:40:How Journaling Helps Multi passionates Find Self Actualization.

27:00:How To Give Yourself Grace & Journal To Restore Your Relationships

Envision What’s Possible

  • “Fear was something that ruled my life on a deep level. – Iviana Bynum
  • “I don’t want to be a reactive person, I want to respond to things.” – Iviana Bynum
  • “Just because you’re good at so many things, it doesn’t mean that you have to monetize them all.” – Iviana Bynum
  • “Visualize yourself, doing the things to have what you want.” – Rachel Luna
  • “It works if you work it.” – Rachel Luna
  • “Give yourself grace so that you can extend grace to others.” – Iviana Bynum
  • “Journaling brings me surprises all the time.” – Iviana Bynum
  • “The more you know yourself, the more comfortable you are in yourself.” – Iviana Bynum
  • “Being in a community of other people who are doing the work is powerful.” – Iviana Bynum

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