EP 61: [FAITH] Tables Turned: Telling My Story & Answering Your Questions


I’m switching things up this episode, and giving you a chance to learn a little more about me! Permission to Offend has always been about candid conversations based on my own experiences and my role as a life coach. I am here to help you realize your purpose and vision, and I am so excited that in this episode I am able to really share some of my most cherished and innermost thoughts and answer the questions you guys have asked. 
In this episode, my good friend Ina Coveney, life coach and host of the Global Phenomenon Podcast, is interviewing me on all things related to limiting beliefs, overcoming life’s challenges, and why you must take the time you need to get the time you want. 
During our powerful conversation, I explain why I am focusing on documenting my manifestations on a more regular basis, why my purpose is to serve others, and why you must always guard your goals before sharing them with the world. 
 3 Reasons You Should Listen to Today’s Episode
  • The biggest lessons I have learned in the last two years, since my breast cancer diagnosis, dealing with covid, and what I want my big 2022 goal to be
  • Why serving others is the most heaving yet incredibly fulfilling experience I have undertaken in my entire life
  • Guard your goals by cherishing them, reviewing them, and neutering them so that you are setting yourself up for success. 
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